Enalapril versus hydrochlorothiazide: STATISTICS

17 Sep

The primary efficacy analy ses were per formed using the all-patients-treated ap proach and in cluded all pa tients with efficacy data both at baseline and on treatment. Baseline values were defined as the value obtained after four weeks of placebo and exit values were defined as the values obtained after eight continuous weeks at a maint enance dose of the active study treatment.

Patient characteristics were compared using Fisher’s exact test, Pearson’s %2 and t test.

Treatment comparability of the efficacy variables at baseline was assessed using t tests. Changes from baseline were analyzed using t tests (between treatment) and paired t tests (within treatment). The proportion of patients controlled in each treatment group was compared using Fisher’s exact test. Dreaming of a reliable pharmacy that could give you an opportunity to buy any amounts of Buy Claritin online with no prescription required and spend less money?

Safety analyses were based on the clinical and laboratory adverse experiences and on laboratory measures for all patients enrolled. Treatments were compared with respect to the number of patients with adverse experiences using Fisher’s exact test. Between treatment comparisons of continuous clinical and laboratory measurements were made using ttests and within treatment comparisons were made using paired t tests. All sta tis tical com parisons were two-sided tests and were de clared sig nificant when the ob served prob abil ity was be low a=5%.