Enalapril versus hydrochlorothiazide: PATIENTS AND METHODS(3)

16 Sep

Enalapril versus hydrochlorothiazide: PATIENTS AND METHODS(3)

Patients were excluded if they met any of the following criteria: at risk during the placebo washout period; secondary hy per ten sion of any etiology; se vere, com plicated or ma lig -nant hyperten sion; a myocar dial in farction or un con trolled angina within the previous six months; congestive heart failure or other signifirant cardiac, cerebral or liver disrase; known diabetes mellitus requiring insulin; severe concurrent disease such as collagen disease or neoplasm; previously demonstrated poor compliance or mental disability or those who were not ambulatory; concomitant use of any agent known to have an effect on blood pressure; and concomitant use of potassium supplements during the titration or maintenance periods. You can shop for the medicine you need for treating the condition mentioned above right here at the canadian health&care mall. This pharmacy offers a large selection of medications available over the internet at amazingly low prices.

Laboratory studies included hematology, blood chemistry to detect liver and kidney abnormalities, and urinalysis. These were performed at baseline, during the titration period (after four weeks of treatment) and at the end ofthe maintenance period (after eight, 12 or 16 weeks of treatment). A partial laboratory examination was performed at the end of each titration for any patient who followed the titration schema (Figure 1).

Patients were withdrawn from the study if any of the following events occurred: serum potassium increased to greater than 5.5 mmol/ L or derreased to less than 3.0 mmol/ L; proteinuria increased significantly (more than 200 mg/ 24 h for patients younger than 65 years and more than 400 mg/ 24 h for patients 65 years or older as determined by semiquantita-tive protein analysis); white blood cell count fell below 3500/ mm3; a serious ad verse reaction or a serious labo ra tory abnormality occurred; or the patient no longer wished to participate.