Morphologic Evaluation and Actin Filament: DISCUSSION(6)

30 May


In the present study, through a comparison of in vivo-derived and in vitro-pro-duced embryos, we also found that microfilament distribution was significantly different between these two sources of embryos, especially in intracellular actin filaments. Recently it was reported that intracellular actin filament distribution was directly related to the 2-cell block in hamster and rat embryos. How actin filaments modulate embryo development is poorly understood. ampicillin antibiotic

It has been reported that the actin cytoskeleton is required for normal mitochondria distribution, transfer of mitochondria to daughter cells during cell division, subcellular localization and morphology of Golgi complexes, and the distribution of mRNA. It is clear that abnormal microfilament distribution results in abnormal cell function. Conditions, such as the composition of the culture medium, may affect polymerization and stabilization of actin filaments. The results in experiment 3 indicate that inhibition of actin filament polymerization prevents embryo division without affecting nuclear division, at least in 1- to 2-cell cycles.