Pentoxifylline Improves Pulmonary Gas Exchange

28 Apr

Pulmonary Gas Exchange

Pentoxifylline is a trisubstituted xanthine derivative designated chemically as l-(5-oxohexyl)-3, 7-di- methylxanthine with rheologic and vasomotor effects. It has been shown to decrease blood viscosity by increasing erythrocyte deformability, reducing plate­let aggregation, and promoting thrombolysis. It also causes vasodilation. The drug is currently used in patients with peripheral vascular disease to increase blood perfusion and improve oxygen delivery. In addition, pentoxifylline has been reported to increase the cardiac index and there is preliminary evidence that it can reduce hypoxia-induced pulmonary vaso­constriction.

We hypothesized that the net effect of this constel­lation of pharmacologic properties would improve gas exchange in patients with chronic obstructive pulmo­nary disease (COPD) and we tested this hypothesis in a small group of healthy subjects and volunteers with COPD at rest, during, and immediately after exercise. kamagra tablets