Management of fistulas in patients with Crohn’s disease: CYCLOSPORINE AND METHOTREXATE

12 Apr


CYCLOSPORINEOral administration of cyclosporine has not been shown to be effective in the healing and maintenance of closure of fistulas. Better results have been obtained with an initial high dose of cyclosporine given intravenously (4 mg/kg) followed by an oral dose of 6 to 8 mg/kg. In three uncontrolled studies, closure or improvement of fistulas was observed in more than 80% of patients after only three to seven days. During oral maintenance therapy, healing of fistulas was maintained, but relapse was frequent after discontinuation of cyclosporine (five of seven patients). Buy drugs with confidence – buy birth control online to see how cheap your treatment can be.


In a retrospective review of 16 patients with fistulas, administration of methotrexate resulted in closure of 25% and improvement of 31%. However, relapse was frequent after discontinuation of therapy.