Clinical experience with infliximab for Crohn’s disease: DISCUSSION Part 4

28 Jul

DISCUSSIONImmediate adverse events attributed to infliximab infusion by the treating gastroenterologist were infrequent (7%), and generally minor and self-limited; only one patient required discontinuation of therapy due to an anaphylactic-type infusion reaction. Similar infusion-related adverse events were seen in the data available from the retrospective clinical practice reviews from Rochester Minnesota (19%), Chicago, Illinois (6%), and Providence, Rhode Island (25%). The long term safety of infliximab relative to the development of neoplasia and reactivation of latent tuberculosis remains under investigation. Most advantageous shopping – cheap actos for everyone to spend less.


Our patient group realized significant clinical response rates, with minimal adverse effects, following treatment with infliximab. This clinical response rate paralleled those described in placebo controlled trials and retrospective clinical practice reviews. Nevertheless, the complete response (remission) rates in our patient group were lower than those described previously.