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The inability of female hamsters to show a neuronal Fos-IR response to vaginal secretions in this brain region is correlated with their lack of male-typical coital responsiveness to adult treatment with testosterone. In experiment 1, female ferrets showed significant increases in neuronal Fos-IR in the BNST and mPOA after exposure to estrous female odors. This […]

Indeed, the VLH, which is activated in females after exposure to male pheromones, has been implicated in the steroidal control of feminine sexual behavior in female rodents and in cats. Cheap Diskus Advair There are both similarities and differences between ferrets and rodents in their neuronal Fos responses to phero-mones. For example, gonadectomized, estradiol-treated male […]

The volumes of the VNO neuroepithelium and the AOB are significantly greater in male than in female rats. Recently, Herrada and Dulac reported that the distribution across the apical-basal extent of the VNO neuroepithelium of mRNAs encoding putative pheromone receptor proteins is different in male and female rats. Also, the volume of more central segments […]

A third alternative is that testosterone, or estradiol formed in the brain via aromatization of testosterone, augmented activity in groups of forebrain neurons that send centrifugal projections to the MOB. For example, noradrenergic neurons in the rat’s locus coeruleus project to the MOB and AOB and contain AR mRNA. The MOB also receives centrifugal inputs […]

Indeed, castrated male rats preferred to approach the pheromones in soiled estrous bedding only if they had received TP, and TP treatment was required in order for castrated male rats to show a significant increase in neuronal Fos-IR in the VNO-AOB olfactory pathway after exposure to these pheromones. In experiment 3, we found that scent […]

Facilitation by Testosterone of Pheromone-Induced Neuronal Fos Three MOB sites were found at which estrous females’ pheromones caused significant increases in neuronal Fos-IR. The magnitude of these effects was significantly greater in gonadectomized male and female ferrets that had received TP Furthermore, this facilitation of neuronal responsiveness was never seen in ferrets exposed to peppermint […]

Fiber and Swann observed significant increments in neuronal Fos-IR in both the MOB and the AOB of male hamsters 1 h after exposure to female hamster vaginal secretions. Surgical removal of the VNO caused significant deficits in the sexual behavior of male hamsters, provided animals were not sexually experienced. However, complete elimination of mating in […]