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The current study has limitations. First, the study lacks an appropriate control group. We examined patients who did not receive LVRS but returned for follow-up pulmonary function tests at 1 year and found less weight gain. However, these patients were, by definition, a different group because they did not meet criteria for LVRS. Thus, the […]

Our data support the hypothesis that improved oxygen delivery is important for weight gain in patients with emphysema. We found that there was no correlation between weight gained after LVRS and improvement in pulmonary mechanics. However, an increased Dlco did correlate with weight gain. Patients who gained weight could have increased Dlco simply from increases in hemoglobin as a […]

Another potential mechanism of weight loss in COPD patients is tissue hypoxemia. Oxygen consumption is often elevated in patients with COPD because of increased work of breathing. However, the ability to meet this increased demand may be limited in patients with COPD, particularly patients with emphysema. It has been known for some time that COPD […]

This study demonstrates that there are substantial increases in body weight during the first year after LVRS. The gain in weight was found to be more prominent in women than in men, and it tended to occur in patients who were leaner prior to surgery. The increased body weight did not correlate with improvement in […]

To examine whether the weight gain occurred in the patients who were most nutritionally depleted, we compared the percentage of change in body weight with the baseline BMI. In general, there was a trend toward higher percentage increases in weight in patients who had lower baseline BMIs, but this did not reach statistical significance (Fig […]

Data Collection Preoperatively and at 3, 6, and 12 months postoperatively, height (m) and weight (kg) were recorded and pulmonary function tests were obtained in all patients. We accepted data within 60 days of the anniversary date. If more than one study was performed within a given time period, the study most remote from the […]

Preoperative Evaluation for LVRS All patients underwent a detailed history and physical examination. Spirometry and lung volume measurements were performed with a calibrated pneumotachograph (Medical Graphics Co; St. Paul, MN) and values were expressed as a percent of the predicted values published by Morris et al. Lung volumes were measured in a whole body plethysmograph […]