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Prospective studies with stringent criteria for determination of diagnostic yield for any pulmonary procedure are difficult to design. These studies would clearly identify whether histology, autopsy, other cultures, or clinical outcome confirmed the pulmonary isolate. There are many situations for which the latter choice is appropriate, but these merit a separate category when diagnostic yield […]

As leukemia progresses and becomes refractory to treatment, the autopsy diagnosis is more often blood, edema, fibrosis, or the primary disease process rather than a specific infectious pathogen. Since OLB and autopsy do not provide a specific diagnosis in at least 20 percent of some subsets, including leukemia, we should not expect BAL and other […]

Perspective on Procedures The clinical challenge to sculpture empiric therapy and prolong survival for immunocompromised patients remains a dilemma. The three basic choices, observation alone, to start or broaden empiric therapy, or pursue invasive diagnostic procedures, are clear but difficult options. It is not surprising that Robin and Burke chose “Lung Biopsy in Immunosuppressed Patients” […]