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An important matter of discussion is the malignant potential of this tumor because it may recur locally and even metastasize to distant sites. England et al have defined criteria for malignancy in a large study of 223 cases. These criteria include abundant cellularity, more than four mitoses per ten high-power fields, cytonuclear atypia, large necrotic […]

Solitary fibrous tumor of the pleura is rarely diagnosed before surgical resection because cytology obtained by transthoracic needle aspiration is usually considered non-specific. Therefore, it is generally held that a thoracotomy is required for the diagnosis. We had the opportunity to study five cases by cytologic and histologic analysis of material obtained by transthoracic fine […]

Clinical Features The patients were four men between 59 and 69 years old and one woman of 73 years in age. In four patients, the tumor was an incidental finding on a routine chest x-ray film (CXR). The fifth patient had digital clubbing. All the tumors were located in the posteroinferior aspect of the thorax; […]

A Report of Five Cases Diagnosed by Transthoracic Cutting Needle Biopsy Solitary fibrous tumor of the pleura is a rare entity, and it is also known as benign localized mesothelioma, submesothelioma, or subserosal fibroma. This tumor arises usually from the visceral pleura (in 80% of the cases), but it can also derive from the parietal […]