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This study showed that peripheral intravenous KCl infusion caused significantly more pain at the infusion site when administered in sterile water than in saline. The exact mechanism of infusion-related pain and phlebitis is not known. Irritation, inflammation, and damage to the venous endothelium can be caused by the inherent chemical property, pH, or osmolality of […]

After 36 of the intended 60 patients had been enrolled, an interim analysis was conducted. At that time, 7 patients had discontinued the infusion prematurely because of pain. The interim analysis revealed significant differences in pain severity at the end of all 3 infusion periods between the groups (first infusion p = 0.002, second infusion […]

Consecutive inpatients with hypokalemia requiring intravenous potassium replacement were enrolled in the study after they gave informed consent. This consent was given while they were in a combined medical and surgical ward. The study protocol was reviewed and approved by the Hamilton Health Sciences/McMaster University Research Ethics Review Board. Patients who had been prescribed one […]

INTRODUCTION Hypokalemia, one of the most prevalent laboratory abnormalities in clinical practice, is defined as a potassium value of less than 3.6 mmol/L. Hypokalemia occurs in over 20% of hospitalized patients. It can be caused by the loss of total body potassium, usually from the gastrointestinal tract as a result of vomiting, diarrhea, or a […]