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CONCLUSION Meaningful change comes slowly, and it may take decades for real progress in meeting the health needs of all children and youth to occur in Canada. In BC, community paediatrics has proven to be a useful vehicle for such change. Perhaps the concept has merit for improving the care of all children and youth […]

The author has, over the past four decades, been involved with the efforts of many of the above generalists. In addition, he has championed youth health issues in BC and beyond. His career and leadership has been recognized by the CPS with the awarding of the Alan Ross Award for 2010 . Among his most […]

ORIGIN The genesis of Haggerty’s concept of ‘community paediatrics’ arose in the mid-1960s. Student idealism and the United States-based ‘war on poverty’ generated pressure on medical and academic institutions of the day to demonstrate ‘relevance’ by addressing the perceived imbalances in health services. Community paediatrics was a response to these pressures, and informed the new […]

In Canada, the term ‘community paediatrics’ is most commonly applied to the private office-based primary care or consultant practices of paediatricians. Similar terms are used in public health and in academic or research programs such as social paediatrics, population paediatrics or global paediatrics. The conceptual elements of community paediatrics are embodied in working models such […]