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lal and a2-M Cationization led and a2-M were cationized according to a modified protocol from Border et al.. Briefly, an ethylenedi-amine (EDA) solution was adjusted to pH 4.75 and chilled to room temperature. One milligram of either purified human led or a2-M was diluted in distilled water. The EDA solution and l-ethyl-3-[(3-dimethylaminopropyl)-carbodi-imide hydrochloride] (EDC) was […]

Animals Immature female ICR mice (20 days old) were purchased from Harlan-Sprague Dawley (Indianapolis, IN) and housed in micro-isolator cages, exposed to a 12L:12D cycle, and fed standard chow and water. Materials

The developing ovarian follicle is composed of an avascular fluid-filled antrum containing the oocyte, and a highly vascularized thecal compartment located external to the follicular basement membrane (membrana propria). The follicular fluid contributes to an environment within the avascular compartment that supports follicular development. The specialized antral environment is created not only by secretions from […]