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Indications that were categorized under ‘future research’ represented 6.1% of the total average annual use within the pediatric and adult populations. These patients may have ben’ efited from IVIG therapy, but additional research is required to validate its use. ventolin inhalers

Use in pediatrics The prescribing habits of IVIG in pediatrics on an annual per gram basis remained relatively constant over the two assessment years. Officially licensed indications in Canada represented 62% of known use in the pediatric setting. The number of indications with more than 5% annual use in 1997 and 1998 were seven and […]

The data showed that IVIG was used in a total of 90 different indications in both adult and pediatric settings, 84 of which were off-label uses (Table 1). When considered as separate populations, adult and pediatric use accounted for 61 and 65 different indications, respectively. asthma inhalers

Indications in the adult and pediatric data were grouped into the following categories: ‘appropriate use’, ‘future research’ (defined as additional research is required to determine whether this is an appropriate or inappropriate indication for IVIG use) and, lastly, ‘inappropriate use’. Appropriate use designation as described above was assigned based on the recommendations from two published […]

A retrospective analysis was completed using from data collected from 10 Canadian hospital blood bank databases on the various indications for which IVIG was prescribed in a three-year period (1997 to 1999) in adult hospitals (eight institutions) and a two-year period (1997 to 1998) in pediatric hospitals (two institutions). Data collection was coordinated by a […]

Over the past decade, a variety of organizations and physician consensus panels have published guidelines or usage recommendations for the multitude of off-label uses for which IVIG has and currently is being used . Clinical evidence has clearly established the appropriate use of IVIG in some of these off-label indications. Other uses have been demonstrated […]

The first intravenous preparation of intravenous immune globulin (IVIG [Gamimune, Bayer, Toronto]) was licensed in the United States in 1981 and 1982 in Canada. It was developed by Cutter Biological (now Bayer Corporation, Biological Products) with indications for use in immune deficiency syndromes. This preparation was extensively studied and confirmed to be safe, well tolerated […]