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INTRODUCTION Attention to patient safety in the hospital setting is increasing, largely because of the efforts of the US Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s 100,000 Lives campaign and the Safer Healthcare Now! initiative2 in Canada. Both of these programs include medication reconciliation as a priority topic, and many hospitals across North America have launched projects aimed […]

The ACCP recommends that physicians be given hospital-specific data demonstrating the potential benefits of prophylactic strategies and that they be involved in educational programs, to motivate them to use such strategies. Despite the employment of these recommendations in educational interventions at the authors’ institution, rates of prophylaxis remained poor. Previous studies have found that didactic […]

VTE is potentially preventable in general medical patients, but until recently the frequency of this condition in patients admitted to general medicine wards had not been established, because of the different methods used to diagnose deep vein thrombosis and the heterogeneity of the patient popula­tion studied. In 3 recent randomized trials (MEDENOX, PREVENT, and ARTEMIS) […]

A total of 124 patients were admitted with a primary diagnosis of exacerbation of CHF or COPD during the study period (Table 1). Of these, 67 were excluded, most because of active anticoagulation before or at the time of admission to hospital. The demographic characteristics and risk factors of the 57 patients included in the […]

Educational interventions were conducted in November 2001 in conjunction with 2 physicians (R.M., a respirologist, and M.B., an internal medicine specialist) and consisted of written memos sent to all physicians, nurse clinicians, and pharmacists and presentations at departmental and committee meetings (e.g., meetings of hospital department heads, family practice and internal medicine departments, the Pharmacy […]

INTRODUCTION The incidence of venous thromboembolism (VTE) is predicted to escalate as the population ages, and com­plications of VTE, such as pulmonary emboli, are a signif­icant cause of in-hospital morbidity and mortality. It has been reported that 10% of the deaths observed in hospitals are related to pulmonary embolism and that 75% of these deaths […]

Once in a very long while, we all attend a medical meeting that changes our long-held beliefs about a particular subject or process. I recently had the privilege of addressing the Integrated Healthcare Association (IHA) in Northern California. Formed in late 1994, the IHA is a 36-member leadership group of California health plans, physician groups, […]