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The CPS does not place therapy in clinical perspective — other sources of evidence-based therapeutic information, such as Therapeutic Choices and Patient Self-Care , must be used with the CPS to accomplish this objective.

Advertising is permitted within the book because the revenue is required to offset publication costs. Advertisers have no influence on the monographs because they are the official monographs, nor do advertisers influence the content of the general monographs prepared by expert CPS editors and volunteer contributors.

The Product Identification Section now has a ‘life of its own’ as the most comprehensive source for drug identification for emergency departments, toxicology services and day-to-day use by health care professionals assessing their patients. The clinical information section (Clin-Info) was initiated in 1995 and now provides quick reference drug information and dosing tools such as […]

The book grew every year — more drugs, more participants and longer monographs. A team of pharmacists and physicians on the panel, together with CPhA editors, developed a system of compiling and evaluating content. They standardized the format of the original monographs so that readers could always find what they were looking for in the […]

The Compendium of Pharmaceuticals and Specialties , also known as the CPS, is a big, blue book that has been published in Canada for the past 42 years by the Canadian Pharmacists Association (CPhA). Is it a credible source of drug information or a collection of biased pharmaceutical company promotions?