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It is also possible that the doses of enal april used in this study may not be equivalent in potency to the doses of hctz/ amiloride used in this study. For some patients, because blood pressure levels obt ained were trough levels, a twice daily administration of enalapril may have been more effective. Most likely, […]

The overall incidence of clinical adverse experiences are reported in Table 5. Of the 20 adverse experiences reported by 14 patients receiving enalapril, only two events (definitely not related to therapy) were noted as serious (chest pain and dissecting aortic aneurysm) in one patient who discontinued the drug. For the 24 events reported in 18 […]

To examine efficacy at doses more comparable with those used in clinical practice today, results at week 12 for 90 patients treated with enalapril 5 and 10 mg (average dose 7 mg) were compared with those at week 8 for 92 patients treated with hctz/ amiloride 25/ 2.5 mg. At these more commonly used dosages, […]

A total of206 patients were enrolled in this study; 182 were ultimately randomized to active treatment and were eligible for evaluation. Twenty-eight of the patients randomized were not able to complete the study according to the protocol because they were ineligible, protocol violators or had early study termination by virtue of premature discontinuation related to an […]

The primary efficacy analy ses were per formed using the all-patients-treated ap proach and in cluded all pa tients with efficacy data both at baseline and on treatment. Baseline values were defined as the value obtained after four weeks of placebo and exit values were defined as the values obtained after eight continuous weeks at […]

Patients were excluded if they met any of the following criteria: at risk during the placebo washout period; secondary hy per ten sion of any etiology; se vere, com plicated or ma lig -nant hyperten sion; a myocar dial in farction or un con trolled angina within the previous six months; congestive heart failure or […]

Patients whose blood pressure was not controlled by the initial dose after four weeks were titrated to two tablets of active medication (enalapril 10 mg or hctz/ amiloride 50/ 5 mg) and two tablets of placebo once daily and returned for a blood pressure evaluation after an additional four weeks of therapy (end of week […]