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In Vitro Production of Pig Embryos In vitro production of pig embryos was based on the procedures reported in our previous study. Briefly, oocytes were aspirated from antral follicles (3-6 mm in diameter) of ovaries collected from prepubertal gilts. After being washed 4 times with Hepes-buffered Tyrode’s medium containing 0.1% (w:v) polyvinyl alcohol (Hepes-TL-PVA), each […]

Many events in oocytes and embryos, such as polar body formation, nuclear migration, and mitotic cleavage, are dependent on normal distribution of actin filaments. Because the dynamics of the actin cyto-skeleton is affected by the environment, such as temperature, pH, and ion strength, the actin cytoskeleton organization of embryos produced in vitro may be different […]

Recent progress in the in vitro maturation (IVM), in vitro fertilization (IVF), and in vitro development (IVD) in pig oocytes has made it possible to produce embryos (blastocysts) from oocytes collected from antral follicles of slaughterhouse ovaries. Transfer of these embryos has resulted in the birth of piglets, which indicates that viable embryos can be […]