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Examination of the nucleus-blastomere relationship indicated that all in vivo embryos had normal morphology, with one nucleus per blastomere. However, because fragmentation and binucleate blastomeres were present in in vitro-produced embryos, the mean number of nuclei varied at each stage examined (Table 2). Moreover, the mean number of nuclei was usually less than the number […]

The relationship between culture duration and embryo morphology is summarized in Figure 1C. Most 2-cell- (67%) and 3-cell- (50%) stage embryos examined at 24 h were normal, but only 14% of 4-cell- and none of the 5- to 8-cell-stage embryos were normal. The proportion of normal embryos at the 4-cell stage increased as culture duration increased […]

Morphology of Pig Embryos Produced In Vitro (Experiment 1) As shown in Table 1, no statistical differences were observed in the sperm penetration rates among the examination time points from 12-48 h after IVF. At 12 h after IVF, 93% of fertilized oocytes had formed both male and female pronuclei and released the second polar […]

The image was obtained by repeated laser scanning (5 times during 5 sec) to improve the signal-to-noise ratio. Effect of Cytochalasin D on Embryo Development and Microfilament Distribution (Experiment 3) In experiment 3, in order to further examine the effect of microfilaments on embryo development, 2- to 4-cell embryos selected at 36 h after IVF […]

Comparisonof Morphology andActin Filaments of In Vivo and InVitro Embryos (Experiment 2) In experiment 2, in vitro-produced embryos were collected at 36 h (2- to 5-cell stages) and 6 days (blastocyst) after IVF. In vivo embryos were collected as mentioned above. Embryos were fixed in 3.7% paraformaldehyde in PBS for 2 h at room temperature. […]

Morphologic Evaluations of Embryos Produced InVitro (Experiment 1) At 6 h after IVF, inseminated oocytes were pooled together, and after being washed 3 times in culture medium, the oocytes were randomly assigned to culture in 5 culture drops. Morphologic evaluations of embryos were conducted 12, 24, 30, 36, and 48 h after IVF. The embryos […]

After being washed 3 times, spermatozoa were resuspended with insemination medium to give a concentration of 5 X 105 cells/ml, and 50 ^l of the sample was added to 50 ^l of fertilization drops containing the oocytes. Six hours after insemination, oocytes were removed from fertilization drops and cultured in 500 ^l of culture medium […]