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Even greater challenges lie around the corner. Over the next 10 to 20 years, scientists and clinicians will learn more and more about the genetic makeup of groups and individuals; therefore, there will be greater pressure to tailor drug and other therapies to the genetic profile of an individual patient. Today, in Canada alone, more […]

While there is no dispute about the need for sound government policy to support optimal drug prescribing, there is nonetheless an awareness that relevant policies are being made in an environment that provides very limited research support. Although we have a clear understanding of what constitutes an authoritative study on the impact of formulary policy […]

In the current issue of Health Affairs, a detailed interview with the Honourable Allan Rock, federal Minister of Health, elicits his commitment to moving toward a system where national objectives are set, while latitude is left for local decision making . Such a process draws much from the provincial experience with drug benefit plans over […]

Ms Lindberg’s remarks were the focal point of a meeting addressing the complexities of drug therapy from a variety of stakeholder viewpoints. The founding sponsor for the meeting was Bayer Inc. Other sponsors included the Father Sean O’Sullivan Research Centre and the Centre for Evaluation of Medicines at McMaster University, and the Faculty of Pharmacy […]

Drug expenditures are washing over the Canadian health care system like a tsunami, threatening to inundate or demolish structures built up over the past 40 years. This issue of the journal includes the transcript of a talk given in November, 1999 by Ms Mary Catherine Lindberg as part of a forum on optimal drug therapy […]