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Heart failure (HF) is one of the only that is increasing in prevalence in the United States. It is present in 6-10% of the population over the age of 65 and in 10% of those over the age of 80. Stated in another manner, if a person reaches the age of 40, he has a […]

There are a number of possible explanations— some real, others factitious—for any observed differences in the prevalence of PD between groups of European origin and Africans or African Americans. First, we must consider that the differences in prevalence are real and the result of biological or environmental differences between populations. There is some evidence to […]

A search of the 1988 mortality files, created by the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), looking for individuals who died with an ICD-9 diagnosis of PD revealed racial differences. Whether PD was the underlying cause of death, a contributing cause, or just a diagnosis that people carried, whites had significantly higher rates than blacks. […]

Of the 750 inpatient and outpatient cases which Harries had seen in his neurology practice in Kenya over a five-year period, he observed 27 cases of PD (-4% of neurology patients) with an age range of 45-60 years. A survey of patients admitted to the hospital over a one-year period in what was formerly known […]

INTRODUCTION Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a common progressive neurodegenerative disorder characterized clinically by bradykinesia, resting tremor, rigidity, and postural instability. Symptomatic response to L-DOPA therapy is also often used as an additional diagnostic criterion. It affects 1-2% of the population over the age of 60 years, although the disease is seen in younger individuals as […]

Despite higher rates of morbidity and mortality from many cancers and nonmalignant chronic diseases, African Americans have been poorly represented in epidemiologic studies. One impediment to inclusion has been the tendency of studies to sample from populations where African Americans have limited representation. Moreover, African Americans have often been reluctant to participate because of mistrust […]

A high level of participant enrollment was achieved in the CHCs. The calculation of a standard response rate, however, is not possible, due to the recruitment strategies employed by the interviewers. In addition to randomly approaching single individuals, some interviewers found that a successful means of recruitment was to speak to an entire CHC lobby […]