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An additional issue to consider in any attempt to more precisely determine the treatment interval that results in normalized alertness is patient compliance with CPAP therapy. As this study shows, there is an immediate increase in alertness after only one night of CPAP treatment. This may serve as powerful motivation for compliance. Paradoxically, patients may […]

This study is the first, to our knowledge, to systematically examine the time course of recovery of alertness from the chronic EDS in patients diagnosed with OSAS and treated with CPAP The achievement of functional levels of daytime alertness only after repeated nights of normal sleep may be of critical importance in clinical decisions involving […]

The three groups were not different at baseline for sleep parameters or sleep-related respiratory and oxygenation measurements. Sleep stage measurements before and after treatment for the one-night, 14-night and 42-night groups are presented in Table 1. The analysis of the sleep stage data shows that the main effect of treatment was significant but that the […]

Subjects The subjects for this study were 39 patients (mean age, 50.1 ± [SDJ11.57; nine women and 30 men) given the diagnosis of OSAS at the Henry Ford Hospital Sleep Center. All patients presented with complaints of EDS and loud, habitual snoring during a clinical sleep history and physical examination. Procedure All patients underwent a […]

The severe compromise of daytime alertness that accompanies OSAS has a profound impact on the patient’s ability to function on a daily basis. This accounts for the fact that the most prevalent presenting complaint for OSAS is EDS. While the potential cardiopulmonary complications associated with this syndrome have severe long-term implications, the impact of EDS […]