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Bullous emphysema is usually seen in heavy smokers older than 45 years of age who exhibit alterations in lung volume, ventilation, and pulmonary gas exchange. When bullae become large, they can compress relatively normal functioning lung tissue. Bullae are usually multiple and may involve bilateral lungs. By removal of the nonfunctioning bullous tissue, the compressed […]

Because of skepticism about the safety of surgical intervention, in all 79 patients, only one lung was treated. No bilateral operations were performed simultaneously or sequentially. In most patients, the bullae occupied most of the upper lobes and varying amounts of the middle and lower lobes. Ablation of the bullae consisted of at least two […]

Patient Population Seventy-nine patients with the clinical impression of bullous emphysema were treated for breathlessness and dyspnea on exertion, which severely interfered with their daily life quality despite aggressive respiratory care and medical therapy. The patients consisted of 67 men and 12 women with a mean age of 63 years (range, 48 to 101 years). […]

Study objectives: With the improvements in video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery, more older patients and patients with respiratory impairments are undergoing bulla ablation using new and costly technology. We evaluated the cost-effective technique of thoracoscopic endoloop ligation of bullae in patients with bullous emphysema. Patients: From March 1992 through January 1996, 79 advanced age (mean age, 64 […]