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Bronchogenic carcinoma was confirmed in each case by bronchial biopsy. There were three cases with squamous cell carcinoma, two of adenocarcinoma, and seven of small cell carcinoma (Table 1). In cach case there was agreement between the biopsy diagnosis and the cytologic evaluation of both the DST slides and the SBW slides. Enumeration of the […]

When suspected tumors are directly visualized at fiberoptic bronchoscopy, we routinely obtain cytologic specimens with a bronchial brush before performing biopsies. Typically, these brush specimens are smeared onto a microscope slide premoistened with fixative and the brush discarded. For the purposes of this study, before the brush was discarded, it was agitated in an SBW […]

Cytologic examination of bronchial brush specimens is among the most effective ways of diagnosing bronchogenic carcinoma when airway lesions are directly visualized. Although the combination of bronchial brush cytology and bronchial biopsy appears to be the most productive means of arriving at the diagnosis of carcinoma, the single best method in many investigators’ hands is […]