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Brooks and colleagues, in 1985, described the clinical and pathological features of the reactive airways dysfunction syndrome (RADS), ie, the sudden onset of asthma following a high-level irritant gas, vapor, or fume exposure. The diagnosis of RADS required that asthma begins within 24 h of an exposure that was characteristically single, high level, and brief. […]

Asthma inhalers are the main element in treating and control of asthma symptoms. Asthma is a chronic disease that sometimes lasts a lifetime. The disorder results in aggravation of inflammatory process in the airways mixed up with bronchospasms, coughing and increased mucus production. The most important part of the treatment plan aimed at prevention of […]

If you are wondering about the side effect of your Ventolin inhaler on your unborn baby, you may probably be preggers and you are an asthmatic, certainly. Your concern is quite understandable, as the most modest list of side effects that Ventolin may cause includes coughing, head pain, temporary increasing heart rhythm, problem sleeping, nervousness […]