Effects of the antiarrhythmic agent tedisamil on cardiac potassium currents in humans (part 3). MATERIALS AND METHODS

20 Aug


In order to correct for variability in cell size, the cell capacitance was measured before compensation using depolarizing ramps (1 V/s) from-40 to -35 mV. Access resistance was kept below 10 MQ. The series resistance was compensated by at least 70%.  For experimentation, the cells were allowed to settle on the bottom of a small chamber placed on the stage of an inverted microscope before the chamber was superfused with modified Tyrode’s solution (1 mL/min, temperature 22 to 24°C). The composition of the solution was (in mM): NaCl 150, KCl 5.4, MgCl2 2.0, CaCl2 0.5, HEPES 10, glucose 10, pH 7.4. To block calcium current, the superfusion solution was supplemented with 0.1 mMCdCl2.

Drugs: All chemicals purchased were of analytical grade.Tedisamil was provided by Solvay (Hannover, Germany) and almokalant by Astra-Hassle (Molndal, Sweden).Data analysis and statistics: Unless stated otherwise current amplitudes were expressed as current densities (pA/pF). For curve fitting to experimental data, pClamp software or Prism software (Graphpad Software, San Diego, California, USA) was used. Results were expressed as mean ± SEM of n experiments. Differences were tested for statistical significance (P<0.05) using paired or unpaired Student’s t tests as appropriate. If you want to make your online shopping advantageous and safe, check out the best pharmacy to buy sell kamagra online without any need for a prescription, any time of the day or night with straight to the doorstep delivery.