Effects of the antiarrhythmic agent tedisamil on cardiac potassium currents in humans (part 12). CONCLUSION

29 Aug


Tedisamil also inhibits chloride conductance in guinea pig ventricular myocytes . This effect may also contribute to the action potential prolonging effect of the substance. It must be emphasized that in the absence of data on action potential duration of myocytes exposed to tedisamil, the contribution of Ito block to changes in action potential shape is difficult to predict. Litovsky and Antzelevitch have shown that 4-aminopyridine, which blocks the prominent Ito in canine subepicardial ventricular myocytes, shortens rather than prolongs the action potential duration, suggesting that the physiological function of Ito could be to potentiate activation and/or inactivation of other ion currents .
Tedisamil is a nonselective potassium channel blocking agent that affects some of the major potassium currents found in human myocytes, ie, Ito and Iso in atrial cells as well as Ito in ventricular myocytes. The open channel block of these potassium currents by tedisamil can explain the action potential prolonging effect found in multicellular preparations and at least partially explains the antiarrhythmic and bradycardic effects found in vivo. However, blocking effects on other ionic channels are very likely to contribute to the overall action of this new antiarrhythmic agent. Shop with pleasure with most reliable pharmacy you have ever seen, paying less for your where to buy kamagra cialis professional 20 mg always being sure you are being treated with all due respect, being an important customer whose interests are respected and taken into account.