Unusual Moles Play Leading Role in New Strategies for Predicting and Preventing Malignant Melanoma (part 1)

5 Aug

Malignant Melanoma (part 1)THE CASE AGAINST dysplastic nevi, long considered suspects in the malignant melanoma mystery, appears to be growing stronger based on new evidence. These atypical pigmented moles have been identified as frequent precursors of the worst form of skin cancer in individuals and families where they flourish. At the annual meeting in New Orleans of the American Academy of Dermatology, several investigators presented recent findings about this relationship and suggested directions for future research.
The NYU group studied 452 persons who presented with only the unusual pigmented lesions; anyone who was found to have melanoma at the time was excluded from the study. The researchers placed the patients in groups ranging from type A, at lowest risk, to type D2, at highest risk. The method involves two variables: whether or not there is, in any given case, a personal or family (parents, siblings, or children) history of melanoma and whether or not there is a family history of the dysplastic nevi moles. You can always be sure whenever you buy tadalafil online cialis professional online it is going to be one enjoyable and great experience overall, since you can now choose yourself a perfect pharmacy that will give you best quality medications with no prescription required.