Bilateral reduction mammoplasty following breast cancer: A case-control study (part 8)

16 Aug

Close and careful follow-up of these patients in the postoperative period is also suggested. Long-term monitoring of the asymmetry of the breasts is especially recommended because this may become evident once postoperative edema subsides. It is estimated that asymmetry is present in 35% of patients who have undergone lumpectomy and radiation, with only 14% of these patients seeking additional surgery. Due to the findings of ductal carcinoma in situ in two of the nine patients studied, we emphasize the importance of sending the samples from the lumpectomy site and scar separately for analysis at the time of reduction mammoplasty. A new postoperative baseline mammogram should be completed six months after the reduction mammoplasty.

In recent years, prospective studies have been published that pertain to patient outcomes after reduction mammoplasty with subsequent long-term follow-up . Similar prospective studies were conducted by Blomqvist et al and Behmand et al, but with short-term postoperative follow-up periods ranging from six to 12 months. Behmand et al’s analysis of the study performed by Chadbourne et al reported that reduction mammoplasty improved the physical and psychological symptoms associated with breast hypertrophy. Thoma et al demonstrated that breast reduction results in the improvement of breast hypertrophy symptoms within a month following surgery. It was also found that this improvement was stable for up to one year, with the added benefit of a positive health-related quality of life effect, yielding a lifetime gain of 5.32 quality-adjusted life years. These studies highlight the physical and psychological benefits of breast reduction surgery on a patient within the normal population experiencing breast hypertrophy symptoms. The benefits of breast reduction surgery on patients afflicted with breast cancer remain unstudied. One can surmise that the benefits of surgery would apply equally to the breast cancer patient, but would they be mistaken? The question remains of whether the benefits of breast reduction surgery are diminished by the complications resulting from tissue’s poor wound healing ability because of previous radiation. Best quality drugs approved by the FDA offered by a fully licensed pharmacy: you finally have a chance to tadalafil online pharmacy on very advantageous terms without having to worry about any of the aspects that usually prevent you from enjoying the treatment.