Types of modern birth control pills

6 Nov

Types of modern birth control pillsToday there is not a woman who doesn’t know what birth control pills are. Oral contraceptives have never lost their popularity amid young and sexually active ladies. Since the time the first birth control pills appeared women from all over the world have been planning the pregnancy with the help of oral contraceptives. Many years passed since those times and the medicinal science have made a great progress. Nowadays there are a lot of various birth control pills with different purposes, effects and ways of use. Frankly speaking, it is very difficult task for a young woman to understand the difference between birth control medications for oral administration without professional help. It is not a pharmacist I’m speaking about. Every time you decide to witch to another type of oral contraception it is worth of making a visit to your gynecologist. Keep in mind that only medical specialist can suggest you suitable fertility control medication that will not cause serious side effects and provide up to 98-99% of protection from unplanned pregnancy. The following information in the article is about various types of oral contraceptives with short characteristics.

There are 3 main types of fertility control tablets available nowadays: Combination pills, progestin only pills and emergency birth control pills.

  1. The most widely spread and preferred are combination birth control pills. These are containing a special combination of active components: progestin and estrogen. These components are synthetic hormones similar to the chemicals, produced in the female organism naturally. This combination blocks ovulation by simulating the effect of natural hormones in the body. The pill cheats on the body making it think that the woman is already pregnant and it stops releasing of the next ovum. Besides, combination birth control  pills change the structure of cervical mucus making it thicker and influence the womb lining preventing the attachment of fertilized ovum to it.
  2. Second type of oral contraception is represented by medications that contain the only one synthetic hormone: estrogen. These birth control pills are called POP that stands for Progestin-Only Pills. They are also known as “mini-pills”. This type of fertility control tablets is popular among moms during the lactation period, because the medication reduces production of breast milk. POPs have approximately the same effect that combination birth control pills have, but progestin-only pills cannot control the ovulation continuously. That’s why the influence on the cervical mucus and womb lining is the determining factor.
  3. Emergency birth control pills are not supposed to be taken daily at the same time. These pills are used just after the unprotected sexual contact. In the United States women can find the following emergency contraceptive pills: Plan B One-Step, Next Choice. Tablets, containing ulipristal acetate are available as “Ella”. This remedy can be efficient even taken within 5 days from the moment of unprotected sex.  As for the others, read the information attached to the package.

Do not choose the oral contraception without consulting your gyn. Follow the doctor’s advices and feel protected leading active sexual life.