Long-acting asthma medications

30 Oct


Asthma inhalers are the main element in treating and control of asthma symptoms. Asthma is a chronic disease that sometimes lasts a lifetime. The disorder results in aggravation of inflammatory process in the airways mixed up with bronchospasms, coughing and increased mucus production. The most important part of the treatment plan aimed at prevention of asthma attacks and leading active lifestyle is correct selection of asthma medications.
Pharmacotherapy is to be based on the following principles:
• Control inflammatory processes and prevent aggravation of such signs as cough, nocturnal or exercise-induced asthma attacks. These effects have long-acting asthma medications.
• Relieve and stop an asthma attack that has already begun. For these purposes healthcare professionals prescribe fast-acting asthma drugs.
• Avoidance of asthma producing factors.
• Regularly check out the data of peak flow meter to control the function of lungs.
As one could guess, the main part of asthma treatment consists of long-term asthma medications. These remedies are aimed at preventing asthma attacks. The majority of medications of this group are anti-inflammatory drugs that help to reduce and control the inflammatory process in the respiratory tract and keep the swell from spreading. The medications of the group are represented by inhaled corticosteroids. The effect of steroids results in reduced sensitivity of airways to asthma-producing factors.
Healthcare professionals consider that asthma consists of two elements: inflammatory process in the airways and severe bronchostenosis. Numerous studies showed that reducing and prevention of the following growth of inflammatory process is the key-moment in prevention of asthma attacks, hospitalization and fatal outcomes. Long-acting medications are available in the form of asthma inhalers with a corticosteroid in the container. This form of the drug is considered to be the most efficient due to possibility to deliver the medication straight into the lungs without unnecessary load on the liver.
Long-acting asthma medications should be taken daily during a long period of time to take and keep up the control over the chronic asthma, symptoms of which exasperate more than twice a week and impact the daily activity of the person.
Among the long-acting medications that help to treat asthma symptoms and prevent asthma attacks anti-inflammatory drugs are the most efficient. But there are also asthma medicaments to be taken along with inhaled corticosteroids to intensify the effect.
Asthma inhalers for prevention asthma attacks may contain only inhaled corticosteroids (anti-inflammatory drugs). Such remedies as mast cells stabilizer, long-acting beta-agonist (frequently used together with anti-inflammatory drugs), Teofilin, leukotriene modifiers (an alternative to steroids and mast cells stabilizers), Xolair can be used for treating asthma symptoms and prevention of asthma attacks.
It is strictly recommended to follow recommendations of your doctor to treat asthma successfully and lead habitual active lifestyle.